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It's time to start thinking about the 2014 fishing season.
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Brennan Harbour Resort

The spring countdown is on!

Have you started counting?  There's only 111 days before our first guests arrive!  But, before we get too excited, let's remember the great things about fishing season 2013.  The pike and smallmouth bass fishing really stood out.  Once the pike got started, it was consistent throughout the season.  Bass season opens in the end of June but got really fun in August and September.  Bass is an awesome sportfish, such fun to catch.  If you haven't spent time bass fishing, get in touch now to book your experience this summer.

One thing we are grateful for is that our water level came up.  Let's hope it continues this spring! 

Last summer our guests welcomed our new and much improved dock.  The fingers on the end didn't work out as well as we planned so James put on his problem solving cap and has figured out a solution - we hope!  He plans to brave the elements while the ice is still solid to remove the fingers and extend the dock further to allow for more docking space.

Andri holding two walleye

All of you who have experienced Andri's outstanding customer service, awesome fish cleaning and know that he's a joy to have around, will be pleased to know that he is hoping to join us this again this summer.  It's not 100% yet, but so far it's looking good.
Conservation has been on our minds a lot.  Last summer we had a number of guests express their extreme concern about the actions of local commercial fishermen and we find it very distressing when our fishery is abused.  As many of you know, we are very fortunate to have an amazing fishing resource and conservation begins at home.  Each week we host a fish fry and, even though Milo looks forward to it, we are saddened by the amount of fish that ends up in his bowl.  Fish that you could catch, fish that could go on to spawn.  So, we have decided to replace the fish fry with a BBQ dinner, which will be earlier in the week.  Not only will we be living what we believe, but we also hope to create more camaraderie between our guests.  Why wait until Wednesday to get to know your fellow fishermen and find out their tricks?
If you haven't booked your fishing experience yet, get in touch.  Check out our website to find out more about what it's like to fish our waters, our facilities and what we can offer you.  We have a variety packages to meet your needs:
  • Housekeeping - $565/person
  • Evening meal - $685/person
  • American plan - $815/person
Our boat and motor insurance has been extremely popular.  Everyone enjoys having piece of mind, knowing they won't have to cover the cost of a prop if they have an accident.  If you want to include piece of mind with your stay, email me now.
  • standard and 16' upgrades - $29.95
  • 17' upgrades - $39.95
  • 18' upgrades - $49.95
Last summer our American plan and evening meal guests enjoyed dinner time more than ever.  We added options to our menu and it was a hit.  Why don't you try one of our meal plans this summer?  Click here to find out more about what's on offer.
Good news!  We've just got word that the town has approved a project to restructure and resurface Brennan Harbour Road.  Hopefully that means goodbye to all those nasty potholes! 
Many of you have enjoyed the Rebel but it's time to say goodbye.  We're replacing it with another 18' Lund Outfitter complete with a 50hp motor that has a built in trolling option.  This boat has quickly become our most desired upgrade.  We only have three so email me today to reserve yours.
James dressed as a zombie
This Hallowe'en Brennan Harbour was invaded by zombies!  For the third year running we gave 860 people the best haunting of the year.  Can you guess who the above is?
James is getting ready for the Cincinnati Hunting and fishing show January 22-26.  He will also be at the Toronto Sportsman show February 6-9.  It would be wonderful to see you there. 

We hope you all keep warm this winter and we look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best,
Casey, James and family
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Outdoor Cards

If you purchased an Outdoors Card but haven't yet received the actual card you need to call the Outdoors Card Centre at 1-800-387-7011. You should call at least 6 weeks prior to your trip. You should have your temporary card (paper slip) handy as you may need some of the details on it.
US Passports Required

US citizens visiting the Harbour will require a valid passport or passport card to reenter the US. For more information about the passport card click here.

Proof of competency
All boat operators now require proof of competency. You don't need to have a boat operators' licence - but if you have one be sure to bring it with you. When you rent a boat all you need is a signed boat safety checklist.

When James or Shorty goes over your boat with you, they'll also go over the checklist and have you sign it. You'll need to keep your copy with you on the boat and produce it if required.