Fishing Guides

Fishing Guides - Brennan Harbour - Spanish, Ontario

Look no further! We would be happy to arrange your guided fishing trip for as little as $30/hour, with a minimum of four hours. For more details, be sure to get in touch with us today.

Are you looking for a great way to:

  • Fish the favoured holes of local experts?
  • Receive unparalleled expertise on the water, types of fish and specific techniques?
  • Spend a day filled with interesting stories and lots of laughter?
  • let someone else do the work driving the boat and thinking about where to go so you can just relax and fish?

We are pleased to be partners with Algoma Adventures, a modern guiding service that offers fishing adventures in Northern Ontario.  Based in Elliot Lake, Ontario Algoma Adventures operates in a 250KM radius with over 10,000 lakes their disposal.  They specialize in small mouth bass, pike, walleye, and all trout species that the area has to offer.


Guided Fly Fishing 

We are excited to bring fly fishing to the Whalesback Channel.  We are now working with to offer guided fly fishing trips along the Whalesback Channel and and the Spanish River delta. During the trips, anglers will be targeting bass, pike, walleye and musky.  We cater to all levels of experience and if you are a beginner, gear and lessons can also be provided. A fly fishing excursion costs $200/ 8hr day.