Review: Remote Fishing You Can Drive To

Walleye on the Whalesback

James Smeadley, the Travel Editor for Ontario Out of Doors, writes about his experience at Brennan Harbour in the 2010 Fishing Annual

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Here's an excerpt from the article: 

"Protected from the main thrust of Huron's larger North Channel by elongated rocky islands, the picturesque Whalesbaek is a popular small-craft cruising destination. Calm water over narrows, bays, coves, shoals, and saddles lap against seemingly infinite stretches of undeveloped shoreline. Sand-bottomed weedybays erupt into sheer headlands and long tendrils ofgranite slope into greenish-blue water, making my head pulsate with possibilities for bass, pike, and even muskie. I remind myself of my mission: walleye close to the resort."